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Interview: Svalbard’s Serena about women in metal, their latest album & De Efteling

On September 25th Svalbard will release their third album called When I Die, Will I Get Better? Recently Holy Roar Records collapsed after several allegations of sexual harassment made against the owner of the label. This incident threatened to postpone the release of Svalbard’s album, however a new label was quickly found. Church Road Records will release their new record on the scheduled day as planned. NMTH-editor Pieter has a

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Wat is er aan de hand bij Holy Roar Records?

Inmiddels heeft menig lezer vast al van de situatie bij Holy Roar Records gehoord. Een maand na het uiteenvallen van Burger Records, zijn er ook bij Holy Roar beschuldigingen van seksueel misbruik aan het licht gekomen. Specifiek gericht tegen Alex Fitzpatrick, CEO en oprichter van het vermaarde label dat onder andere OHHMS, Rolo Tomassi, Møl en Svalbard in het huidige roster heeft zitten. Om wat overzicht te krijgen in deze

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The beauty in suffering: sounds that hurt & heal at Roadburn

Tormented sounds howl from the Koepelhal. It is early in the afternoon and Throane brings their ritual to the stage. Standing in a circle around a massive sword sticking up from the center stage, the band delivers a pulverizing set of crushing sludge as the sun still leaks in through the windows. Almost on call the temperature seems to drop outside and a cold settles over the festival. Editor: Guido Segers

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