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Changing the game: Emma Ruth Rundle at Roadburn 2019

Roadburn had no shortage of female musicians, generally being awesome. Whether it is the heavy bass work of Tamaki Kunishi (MONO), the multi-layered keyboards of Helen Stanley (Crippled Black Phoenix) or Amalie Bruun (Myrkur) achieving two critically acclaimed black metal albums. Of course, it seems redundant writing about female representation in heavy music today, let alone in regards to a massively diverse festival such as Roadburn. However, it isn’t all

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Roadburn, a summary in stills

It’s cold as hell outside during the first days of one of the most heart warming festivals out there: Roadburn. This year’s edition sure took all of us by surprise with three commisioned acts, curated shows and artists in residence. The diversity was enormous, even compared to previous editions. We tried to capture it all which is, of course, impossible. Nevertheless below are some our finest pictures we took during this great

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