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The universal vibrations of Earth: an interview with Dylan Carlson

The 13th edition of Le Guess Who? Festival is coming up, featuring many wonderful artists with ringing names. One of those is the American band Earth. Originally the band hails from Seattle, the birthplace of grunge, where main man Dylan Carlson has many friends, including the late Kurt Cobain. But Carlson chose a different musical path than his fellow Seattleites with Earth, he chose drone. Text: Guido Segers Carlson is

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The music nerd dream that is Roadburn

One of the most charming things Roadburn has to offer is one on one contact with artists and music experts. As most of us are exceptional music nerds, the side programme offers us something exciting every day. Editor: Guido Segers / Photo’s: Justina Lukosiote On Thursday, early in the afternoon, there is an exciting panel about ‘Doing it yourself’ (DIY), featuring Meredith Graves (Kickstarter), Cathy Pellow (Sargent House), Justine Jones

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Interview Cathy Pellow (Sargent House): “Practice a lot and be tight as fuck, or no one will ever care.”

Liefde, passie en je hart volgen: het zijn dé ingrediënten voor afgezaagde motivational plaatjes waar je social media timeline geregeld mee vol wordt geblaft. Maar hoe cliché ook: er zit wel een kern van waarheid in. Met betrekking tot dit platform is het waarom ik schrijf, en jij ““waarschijnlijk- de content checkt. Met name in de muziek is motivatie een sleutel om je carrière op langere termijn vol te houden en verder te

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