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365 Days of Rain: see you next year at Planet Roadburn

The more data-savvy readers might have already noticed a fatal flaw in the title, because it is, obviously slightly less. Still, doesn’t it hurt a bit when you see everything wind down at Roadburn? Slowly the circus is packing up. Editor: Guido Segers The circus is leaving town Oh ruby, roll your stockings down Circus is leaving town Oh Ruby, dry your eyes. – Mark Lanegan & Isobel Campbell –

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Roadburn: Molassess offers catharsis and release

It’s been five years since The Devil’s Blood´ Selim Lemouchi left this world behind. Five years since his band members played his songs, that had such burning force behind them, such otherworldliness and conviction. Certainly, there have been other bands and the spark of his creativity has been carried on but not until today has it fully become part of the texture that is heavy music as Molassess takes the

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Descending: The magical early hours at planet Roadburn

Something strange happens in Tilburg on Thursday afternoon as the Veemarktstraat slowly turns into Weirdo Canyon. No one can tell you exactly where this normally quiet street turns into Roadburn territory, but we all know when it has happened. You get off the train, leave your hotel – or just your front door – and suddenly you’ve landed: Planet Roadburn. Editor: Guido Segers We carefully move out, like animals in

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