Heilung live op Roadburn, foto Roy Wolters

Heilung live op Roadburn, foto Roy Wolters

Something strange happens in Tilburg on Thursday afternoon as the Veemarktstraat slowly turns into Weirdo Canyon. No one can tell you exactly where this normally quiet street turns into Roadburn territory, but we all know when it has happened. You get off the train, leave your hotel – or just your front door – and suddenly you’ve landed: Planet Roadburn.

Editor: Guido Segers

We carefully move out, like animals in the wild. Is it really that time? Are we really there? Eying passersby, you out check their t-shirts. We smile warmly when recognizing names or at obvious fellow burners, but most will not yet make contact. It’s too early and we’re still letting go of daily life. Not quite there yet, but halfway down the rabbit hole.

So where does it happen? Somewhere during those first shows, where everyone is shuffling about, checking phones, messaging friends. You run into familiar faces, shake hands, hug, share stories. And slowly, but surely, you submerge and you have absolutely, definitely, most assuredly arrived. When was your moment this year? Was it when Myrkur started singing her magical folk songs? Maybe it was the opening notes of Sherpa, or simply when you bit into the foam of your first beer near the Koepelhal.

For me, it was when I walked back through the audience during Crippled Black Phoenix. As I looked at every face I passed, I saw eyes lighting up. Not at me I think, though I like to flatter myself at times, but as the band slowly takes you in, captures you and pushes all our mundane worries away. And slowly, every face is illuminated and everyone has stars in their eyes. Open minds and full of wonder. And then we know, we have arrived on Planet Roadburn.

Love everyone, love music and enjoy.

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