Roadburn 2019We don’t need to tell you how extremely excited we are about Roadburn. By now you will have seen us post, write, scream and cheer about the adventurous Tilburg festival countless times and it is no time to stop doing that. Especially because Roadburn 2019 starts tonight with an Ingnition Party at the 013, where you can already experience Temple Fang, the band we will be presenting with Roadburn, Saturday 13.30 at Hall Of Fame. We will see you in the pits, lounging at the Cul de Sac terrace or experiencing some tabletop gaming and craft beers. See you there at Roadburn, enjoy the ride. We know we will.

Here is what our crew are ‘most curious and excited’ about. Some tips!


Roadburn is (for me) all about enjoying music in the best possible forms: being blown away by a previously unknown obscure band from Finland or once again experiencing the total devastation of one of the bigger names. And more and more, the RB-experience seems to have turned into intimate impressions (think: Emma Ruth Rundle and this time around Anna von Hausswolf, A.A. Wiliams and Marissan Nadler) or the more spacious trips of bands like GY!BE, Mythic Sunship and Mono.

Marissa Nadler – Sunday 18.30-19.30 – Het Patronaat
A name I’ve known for some time, and have listened to a bit over the year. Still the music, the words, the fragile voice, it all really, really stuck with me with last album For My Crimes (and playing it over and over and…).

Seven That Spells – Friday 15.00-19.20 – 013 Green Room
These are the ideas that really make my Roadburn experiences. Allowing a band to play three sets on one day in one venue, letting this Croatian progressive monster play their The Death and Resurrection Of Krautrock Trilogy in full. An organization that dares to present such challenging creative choices deserves the utmost respect. Just thinking about this threesome… Wow.

Pharmakon – Thursday 23.40-0.20 – 013 Green Room
One of the most unnerving experiences at the Le Guess Who festival was watching Pharmakon capture the audience at the ACU venue. Literally capturing: using her mic chord as a kind of lasso, screaming and coming uncomfortably close. The experience seemed to fit her unnerving music very well. Come and let yourself be engulfed by Pharmakon.

Jaye Jayle – Saturday 23.30-0.30 – 013 Green Room
I missed Jaye Jayles last performance at Roadburn, but saw him and his band opening for and accompanying Emma Ruth Rundle. His last album No Trail And Other Unholy Paths is a strange and interesting ride and this moving, haunting song really hits all the right spots for me:


Temple Fang – Wednesday – 013 Green Room // Saturday 13.30 – Hall Of Fame
Let me first state that for this year’s Roadburn these Amsterdamn based psychedelic power rockers are undoubtedly going to be the mystical magical ingredient that will elevatingly radiate your awareness and overall understanding of experiencing what life on Planet Roadburn in all it’s given glory entails. They will be the scarred, mangled, but rejuvenated wolf beasts that hunt their natural habitat. Not to kill for thrills, but following their animal instincts means feeding their pack, which leads them to thrive and survival of the pack as a whole. Anyway, seriously speaking; I really, really, really can’t explain my excitement why it’s so great they will be playing Wednesday and Saturday (NMTH presents!), but I’m seeing them, so I hope you’ll see them too and we can discuss the experience afterwards…

Old Man Gloom – Sunday 19.20-20.30 – 013 Main Stage
This one’s undoubtedly going to be a heavy, emotionally charged, beautiful clusterfuck of an intense weird shitstorm of feels and sonic overload. Plus, if you’re planning on going to the ‘Santos Montano’s Single Mixer’ this show is a must see because it will make you feel less awkward in approaching the social-media God of our dying times when you ask ‘how was your show today?’ and thus you get the pride yourself in actually having an honest opinion on the matter to indulge him with. But to keep the conversation going right there and then you’ll be in the unique position in time and space to go for the followup of sharing your unasked opinion about the ‘Secret Santos’ cocktail, extensively. From what I gather Santos has being preparing himself for Roadburn to enable himself to listen and retort in an engaging manner with fans and admirers purely based on those two scenarios, so indulge yourself in both.

SUMAC – Saturday 17.10-18.10 – 013 Main Stage
I’ve had the honor and pride to review the last album and see them on a live-bill with BRUTUS and Russian Circles, which in both instances where mind blowing experiences in the year of our foul lord 2018. I never experienced a band who had the ability to form a red wire of sheer comforting beauty to grip on while being sonically assaulted, not by what you thought wanted to hear, but essentially needed to hear. So, go for SUMAC; not because you want it, but because you need it.

Ok, ok… Sure, I’ll share some advice. But please, don’t take my word for it and if you hear some interesting sounds coming from an open door on your way, just dive right in!

Maalstroom – Saturday 23.00-0.30 – Het Patronaat
Perhaps you are slightly puzzled what this is. Here’s some help with that, but what you need to do that this is some of the most innovative black metal musicians from the Netherlands joining forces for a great show with a commissioned piece. The venue is not mega huge and I really want to see it so… Maybe ignore me.

Maalstroom Day – Saturday 15.00-22.20 – Het Patronaat
On the day when Maalstroom takes place (it’s Sunday, just telling you that to make sure there’s space in the venue for me), the bands will also perform individually. In fact, I’m not lying, because some will play on Sunday so that’s cool. Turia, Laster, Terzij de Horde, Dodecahedron, Witte Wieven, Nusquama and Grey Aura, all of that.

Molasses – Thursday 17.20-18.30 – 013 Main Stage
I don’t know if you remember, but I’ll never forget Selim Lemouchi and the Devil’s Blood. This piece will be a tribute, an homage, featuring ex-members of The Devil’s Blood, including sister Farida. I don’t know how to help you if this is not already getting you excited.

Myrkur: Folkesange – Thursday 15.20-16.30 – 013 Main Stage
I honestly think you should go see Myrkur. Sure, if you are a black metal fan, you’ve rageposted about this act. But go see them. It changes everything.

Bossk – Sunday 20.30-21.30 – 013 Green Room
What? No Celtic Frost? No, because I am allergic to stating the obvious. And I think there’s a chance you have not thought about Bossk yet. So now you do. Go see them. The time is almost upon us and it’s better than Christmas (better than Julie Christmas? Not sure). I’m ready, I hope so are you. Say Hi. And if you see Walter say hi from me.


Of course, I am curious to see what the Maalstroom project will spit out. Like the Celtic Frost / Triptykon Requiem it is out-of-category for me, however, therefore I will focus on three Roadburn acts that astound me with their recent releases. Of which two must play at the same time apparently. Oh, how life sucks.

Messa – Friday 23.20-0.20 – Het Patronaat
Italian band Messa astonish with a fine mix of totally familiar doom grooves and surprisingly rich harmonies and textures. Founded in 2014, Messa released two albums so far, of equally high quality. Singer Sara’s voice easily switches between angelic and conjuring, while lead guitarist Alberto has a subtle way of building up his solos, reminiscent of the heydays of seventies hard rock. If you want to get a taste of this band, Leah has it all. See you April 12 at Het Patronaat.

Messa – “Leah” (Official video) from MESSA on Vimeo.

L’Acéphale – Friday 23.00-23.50 – Hall of Fame
L’Acéphale from Portland, Oregon, have slowly built their body of work over the course of this century. One week after Roadburn, their first full-length album in ten years will be released. Simply called l’Acéphale, it features seven lengthy tracks, of which Sovereignty and Runenberg have been put up for streaming at Bandcamp beforehand. Carefully constructed cathedrals of black metal they are, with ornamental elements from contemporary classical music, ambient, noise and folk. When I line up for the band’s performance at the Hall of Fame on April 12, I know I am in for an enthralling, immersive experience.

Imperial Triumphant – Sunday 23.30-00.30 – Het Patronaat
Imperial Triumphant got balls. You try opening your album with a horn section, then dive headfirst into a whirling vortex full of jazzy chord structures and blastbeats! Vile Luxury, the New Yorkers’ album from 2018, is both visionary and cinematic, and in the same time as dark as hell’s endless pathways. And oh my, what a fine drummer mister Kenny Grohowski is! Thanks to Imperial Triumphant, Roadburn 2019 is going out with an impressive bang on Sunday at Het Patronaat.


MONO & The Jo Quail Quartet – Thursday 23.20-00.40 – 013 Main Stage
I’m a sucker for enthralling, atmospheric post-rock, so naturally MONO from Japan is one of my must-see acts. Although I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them twice last year, they seem to have struck a friendship with violinist Jo Quail, who supported them on tour as well. With this partnership it is almost guaranteed this will be a beautiful, earth-shattering performance of their 2009 post-rock classic Hymn to the Immortal Wind.

At the Gates – Friday 22.00-23.30 – 013 Main Stage
Quite possibly a more straightforward band than most of the line-up, but it is the intricate details that have set At the Gates apart from many modern or melodic peers. Because not only does the band (fronted by Roadburn curator Tomas Lindberg) know how to create 3 minute death classics, they also have plenty of atmospheric, melancholy tracks peppered with subtle tempo changes. Also, At the Gates is well known for their passionate live performance.

Ulcerate – Sunday 18.40-19.40 – 013 Green Room
Although Ulcerate was recommended by a friend a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been impressed with their music ever since. Ulcerate is pummeling death metal with a technical edge, strategically placed on Sunday afternoon. Why do I say strategically? Because a sonic punch in the face like Ulcerate is sure to kick any festival fatigue or hangover out of your body.

As I was one of the last at NMTH-HQ to pick my three Roadburn cherries I almost expected this might prove difficult. Either because my colleagues had already called shotgun on my favourites, or because the line-up would be so out-there that I simply wouldn’t know any of the remaining bands. In that case I might’ve resolved to picking three at random. As always, Walter and co have outdone themselves, not many ways to go wrong with a line-up of pure gold. Turns out there were some cherries left!

Crypt Trip – Thursday 1.10-2.00 – 013 Main Stage
Beware of the Spotify bubble: more often than not you’ll just hear things you already know. Once in a while you’ll get slapped about the ears with a nice little gem though. Crypt Trip was one such as this for me recently. Somebody please bring along some overhead projectors for a liquid light show, these psychedelic fuzzrockers from Texas take you straight back tot he seventies.

GOLD – Friday 14.00-15.00 – Het Patronaat
Speaking of gold: these guys are quickly becoming one of my personal favourites of late. Their new album Why Aren’t You Laughing dropped last week and has been on repeat ever since. Saw them a couple of times and they always strike home. Heavy riffs, proper songwriting and that beautiful voice of Milena Eva, equal parts angelic and sinister. Can’t wait!

Mythic Sunship – Friday 15.40-16.50 – Het Patronaat
Things may get weird in Tilburg this weekend, they always seem to do at Roadburn. Never afraid to stray from the beaten (stoner/doom) path, don’t be surprised if a saxophone hits the stage every now and then. Mythic Sunship from Denmark made waves last year with their phenomenal album Another Shape Of Psychedelic Music, an intriguing blend of doom and free jazz. Seems like just the recipe to take you into the stratosphere at planet Roadburn.

Black & white (achrome) specialist is once again at Roadburn as official photographer for the festival. We, at NMTH, are equally in love with his style and consider ourselves lucky he wishes to share his shots with our platform as well. Here are his tips:

Triptykon & Metropole Orkest – 15.45-16.45 – 013 Main Stage
Massive! Tom G Warrior completing the Requiem with Chapter 2 ‘Grave Eternal’. And to do that with the Dutch Metropole Orkest live at the main stage… Here is the Overture to get you warmed up:

Craft – Friday 23.40-0.30 – Koepelhal
Black metal. Mean yet melodic, including a trippy twist and some fuck-ups. Listen:

Tankzilla – Sunday 16.40-17.20 – Hall Of Fame
Eindhoven Rockcity prooves unstoppable once again with this deadly duo. Banging drums with crude riffs, spiced with some soul, coming from ex-Peter Pan Speedrock frontman Peter van Elderen and his partner in crime Marcin. And what do you know: they’ve seized this opportunity to drop their new 7” and present it at Roadburn:


Emma Ruth Rundle solo – Thursday 20.10-21.10 – Koepelhal // ERR collaboration set with Thou – Friday 20.30-21.30 – Koepelhal
A couple of times a year I have to go overseas for work and one thing I always do is search for concerts while I’m at it. A couple of weeks ago I was in Nashville for a conference and just so happened to be that Emma was paying her very first public performance with Thou. Lucky me! I bought tickets weeks in advance and on Sunday evening, jet lagged as fuck, I went to DRKMTTR in Nashville to watch them play. Now this is something else, I shit you not! The mesmerizing sounds of Horses and Marked for Death were hard to find as it was a combination of sludge and noise. Not hard to imagine this had a devastating impact on my jetlag. So for all the overseas people if you desire a similar experience go watch them perform on Friday April 12th in “De Koepelhal” at 20:30. For those who want to take it easy go see her play solo, on Thursday also in “De Koepelhal” at 20:10. God knows I’ll be there for both as Emma leaves an everlasting impression. See you all there!

Anna von Hausswolff – Friday 17.50-19.00 – 013 Main Stage
Dead Magic was amongst my favorite albums of 2018 mainly due to the incredible performance she gave early 2018 in a local venue in Utrecht. O my God…. Swedish performer Anna von Hausswolff is not always the easiest listening but the music grabs you by the throat like nothing else. The 16 minutes+ track Ugly and Vengeful is simply amazing and I sure hope it is on the setlist. As with so many other bands at the great Roadburn festival, expect to be blown away, this time by the sounds of a pipe organ amongst others. Anna is performing on the main stage on Friday at 17:50.

Morne – Saturday 18.00-19.00 – Koepelhal
A big thanks goes out to Mr. Roadburn Walter himself for pointing this band out through his facebook page. The Boston based doom metal band plays heavy like a few good men. Get ready to swing your hair. Their latest album “To the Night Unknown” features 8 blistering tracks filled to the brim with ultra cool riffs. My personal favorite being “Not our Flame” that goes out with some guitar work unlike anything else. It’s going to be one of those performances during this leg of Roadburn of which you hope a live recording will be published on vinyl afterwards. Go check them out on Saturday in ‘De Koepelhal’.

Find more Roadburn at NMTH here and more about the line-up at the Roadburn-site


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