Michiel Eikenaar, Photo: Paul Verhagen

Michiel Eikenaar, Photo: Paul Verhagen

When you’re facing a day of black metal, it’s best to come prepared. Roadburn’s Friday had plenty of heavy and dark bands, but also saddening news during the day on Friday that affects the project that is Maalstroom.

Editor: Guido Segers

News broke yesterday that Michiel Eikenaar had passed away, which is greatly saddening. You may have noticed bands dedicating their show to him, such as Molasses on Thursday.

From the statement released by Nihill, one of the projects he was involved in:
Loved and respected by his peers and the international #blackmetal community. A commanding frontman and fantastic lyricist, a great visual artist, but above all, a big friendly loveable guy. Death comes for all of us. It comes for the strongest, the brightest and the most loved, and Michiel was all of those things and much more.

He leaves two small, beautiful children, a sweet and lovely wife, a close family that supported him through these difficult times and an international inner circle of friends and admirers that will miss him every hour of every day.

Michiel Eikenaar fronted bands like Dodecahedron and Nihill in the past but was also involved in the artistic side of the black metal, Tilburg and Roadburn scene. He will be sorely missed and Maalstroom will definitely shift into something different. But hopefully, something to draw comfort from, particularly for those close to Eikenaar on and in front of the stage.

Today it was also announced that the project Nihill will cease to exist as of right now. Members Vince and Jelle will continue their projects Ulveblod and Terzij de Horde (today 19.40, Patronaat). Live members Michel and Jasper will continue with Dodecahedron (today 21.20, Patronaat).

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