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Interview: the passion of Thomas Gabriel Fischer completed

For anyone who has a special place in their hearts for heavy metal, Thomas Gabriel Fischer needs no introduction, though many will know him as Tom G. Warrior. The man who fronted the pioneering Hellhammer and Celtic Frost is as much of an icon as the extreme metal scene ever had and this year he is releasing a new record under the banner of Triptykon; the live recording of the

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‘An anarchist deed’. The story behind the Celtic Frost/Triptykon Requiem at Roadburn

One of the best things of living in the Netherlands must be its festival climate. Oh hell, let’s be specific: the best thing about being an adventurous metal fan in the Netherlands is the annual trek to Roadburn. Never Mind The Hype has been a media partner of this festival extraordinaire for some years. In the following article we take an in-depth look at the conception and production of one

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