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The music nerd dream that is Roadburn

One of the most charming things Roadburn has to offer is one on one contact with artists and music experts. As most of us are exceptional music nerds, the side programme offers us something exciting every day. Editor: Guido Segers / Photo’s: Justina Lukosiote On Thursday, early in the afternoon, there is an exciting panel about ‘Doing it yourself’ (DIY), featuring Meredith Graves (Kickstarter), Cathy Pellow (Sargent House), Justine Jones

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Black Skies over Roadburn – Part I

Tilburg turns a little colder and darker on Saturday. Both in skies and bands, as we move early into Patronaat for the first part of Maalstroom. Everyone looks a bit more haggard, a bit more pale, but with one of those Maalstroom beers in hand, one is ready for the day. Editor: Guido Segers / photo’s: Justina Lukosiote and Paul Verhagen Opening up in the Patronaat is Witte Wieven. The

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The beauty in suffering: sounds that hurt & heal at Roadburn

Tormented sounds howl from the Koepelhal. It is early in the afternoon and Throane brings their ritual to the stage. Standing in a circle around a massive sword sticking up from the center stage, the band delivers a pulverizing set of crushing sludge as the sun still leaks in through the windows. Almost on call the temperature seems to drop outside and a cold settles over the festival. Editor: Guido Segers

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