Helhorse-Helhorse (2016)— Interview in English, intro in Dutch —

Een heuse Danish Demolition Tour stoomt in september door Europa en het kwartet Scandinavische hardhitters doet ook Patronaat in Haarlem (27-9) en Muziekcafe in Helmond (28-9) aan. Je kunt deze vier opkomende metaltalenten verwachten: Siamese (aanstekelijke metal), Helhorse (sludge), Aphyxion (melodische Scandinavische death metal) en Defecto (powermetal). Sludgers Helhorse speelden al als voorprogramma van Rammstein en AC/DC en stonden op Copenhell (het Deense FortaRock). Frontman Mikkel zette zijn tanden in een stel vragen van NMTH:

>>> Interview in het Engels – Googletranslate je NL-versie als je die taal niet beheerst <<<

– Tell us: Helhorse is known for…
“Being a cut throat, take no prisoners live band with great riffs and laying clubs and festivals to waste!”

– Some Dutch already know your band. You’ve been here before right? What do you remember about the Dutch and gigging here?
“Yeah, actually, Holland was the first country outside Denmark we toured in. We we’re just getting started and were a really rough bunch of street kids (now we’re just rough:-). We toured with the now dissolved Greyline. They are still our good mates and I hope to see them next time we hit Holland!”

– What is the situation like in Denmark, you’ve released three albums already?
“Well things have been going well for us in Denmark the last 4 years. We played events like Roskilde Festival, Copenhell, supporting AC/DC and Rammstein and 3 headliner tours. However the last two years a lot of opportunities have opened up for us in central Europe and we have focused on that. It has been some really amazing tours, especially the last one with Phil Campbell (Motörhead).”

– Is there a decent sludge/doom metalscene? We’ve recently seen great shows from LLNN and Hexis at Roadburn Festival. Is there more…?
“In general the Danish metal scene has exploded the since 2016 – with a lot of great names in rock and metal. LLNN is one of my favorite Danish acts, but I would also mention bands like Konvent, Dirt Forge and Bersærk – all strong acts.

But seriously, there is a new wave upon us right now in Denmark whether it be straight up death metal like Baest, dark shoegaze black like MØL or extremely cool punk rock like Rebecca Lou – our rotten little kingdom has really upped it’s game!”

– Your last album, selftitled Helhorse, came out in 2016 through Spinefarm Records. Can we expect some new material coming out? And how about playing new stuff live?
“You’re in luck – I have an exclusive for you! we are neck deep in writing a brand new album right as we speak. We have booked studio time in late august and can’t wait to get this baby out. It’s gonna be hard, brutal and explosive – and yes it will be performed live on the upcoming tour!”

– Where does your inspiration, your drive come from?
“I have always tried to keep my boyhood fascination intact. I remember the fascination I had when I was a teen – the easiest thing in the world is to become a boring adult and loose your imagination and creativity, I know ‘cause I’ve come close to falling into that trap (never grow up kids – it’s a trap!)

So my drive comes primarily from the fact that I HAVE to play music, it’s a part of my DNA, my bones and my blood. So when I feel I’m getting jaded and cynical I just look around at the other 4 goofballs in my band, playing there ass off at insane volume – and I feel a deep sense of happiness. So to sum it up – My drive is passion, music, love and a certain amount of alcohol!”

– Why are you teaming up for this Danish Demolition Tour and what do you expect?
“For us it’s a natural conclusion to the last two years of touring Europe. It kind of marks a pinnacle of the last album and starts the process of the new one. It’s going to be interesting to see how the audienxce reacts to the line-up – my bet is that this tour is gonna’ burn the house down.”

– Are you planning to seriously conquer The Netherlands and Europe?
“THAT IS ABSOLUTELY OUR PLAN! We have always had a good time in the Netherlands; great crowds, great clubs and awesome beer! so hang tight peeps – we’re commin'”

– What are the gigs in Haarlem and Helmond going to be like… ‘a Hell of a Ride’?
“Well – it’s a catch phrase and the rest of the band are tired of me saying it, hahaha – but nevertheless it is the aboslute most accurate description of what to expect at a Helhorse show – so strap in kids – it’s gonna be a Hell Of A Ride!”

– What is the question we should have asked you if we weren’t witless?
“Hmmmm. I think you’re quite sharp actually, heheh. How about we take another round after you see the show in Harlem or Helmond? Then we will revisit that one. So get a ticket, warm up the dancing shoes and we’ll see you at a show!



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